#50405 RootDNAccessControlPlugin.set_open_time() fails
Opened a year ago by vashirov. Modified 4 months ago

Issue Description

RootDNAccessControlPlugin has set_open_time() and set_close_time() methods, but they can't be used because these plugin attributes should be set together.
If I try to use just set_open_time(), server returns err=53, in the errors log:

[24/May/2019:09:24:36.526222533 -0400] - ERR - rootdn-access-control-plugin - rootdn_load_config - There must be a open and a close time.  Ignoring time based settings.
[24/May/2019:09:24:36.529887291 -0400] - ERR - rootdn-access-control-plugin - rootdn_init - Unable to load plug-in configuration
[24/May/2019:09:24:36.532256982 -0400] - ERR - plugin_setup - Init function "rootdn_init" for "RootDN Access Control" plugin in library "librootdn-access-plugin" failed
[24/May/2019:09:24:36.535201439 -0400] - ERR - plugin_restart - Plugin (cn=RootDN Access Control,cn=plugins,cn=config) failed to restart after configuration change (Init function "rootdn_init" for "RootDN Access Control" plugin in library "librootdn-access-plugin" failed.).  Reverting to original plugin entry.
[24/May/2019:09:24:36.538228204 -0400] - ERR - dse_pre_modify_plugin - The configuration change for plugin (cn=RootDN Access Control,cn=plugins,cn=config) could not be applied.

Impacts CLI tools as well

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a year ago

Impacts CLI tools as well

CLI uses direct set attribute approach.
But I agree, we should add an additional check in the CLI/UI that both open and close times are specified if any.

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

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