#50313 Making an NestedRoleDefinition type in src/lib389/lib389/idm/role.py
Closed: wontfix 2 years ago by aborah. Opened 3 years ago by aborah.

Issue Description:

Making an NestedRoleDefinition type in src/lib389/lib389/idm/nsrole.py

class NestedRoleDefinitions(DSLdapObjects):
"""DSLdapObjects that represents all NestedRoleDefinitions entries in suffix.

    This instance is used mainly for search operation  NestedRoleDefinitions role

    :param instance: An instance
    :type instance: lib389.DirSrv
    :param basedn: Suffix DN
    :type basedn: str
    :param rdn: The DN that will be combined wit basedn
    :type rdn: str
def __init__(self, instance, basedn):
    super(NestedRoleDefinitions, self).__init__(instance)
    self._objectclasses = [
    self._filterattrs = ['cn']
    self._basedn = basedn
    self._childobject = NestedRoleDefinition

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@aborah Please link the fix (the commit, optionally the PR). Thanks.

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