#50251 dscreate and dsconf print DM's password in verbose mode
Closed: wontfix 4 years ago by mreynolds. Opened 5 years ago by mhonek.

Issue Description

When dscreate is executed in verbose mode, it prints Directory Manager's password to stderr. The same happens with dsconf when I change the password.

Package Version and Platform


Steps to reproduce

  1. dscreate -v interactive
  2. dsconf -v localhost directory_manager password_change

Actual results

$ dscreate -v interactive
DEBUG: cn=config set REPLACE: ('nsslapd-rootpw', 'Directory_Manager_Password')

$ dsconf -v localhost directory_manager password_change
Enter new directory manager password : 
CONFIRM - Enter new directory manager password : 
DEBUG: cn=config set REPLACE: ('nsslapd-rootpw', 'new_password')

Expected results

Actual value should not be printed in the debug logs. Python logging module supports filters that should be used to redact sensitive information from the logs

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5 years ago

So I think a way to fix this could be in DSLdapObject inside the set function, we can say "if field in <sensitive dataset>" then we display * instead - but in DEBUGGING=True maybe we still display it?

I'm thinking of having a class variable DSLdapObject._sensitive_attributes: List[str] and using it wherever required (for now in DSLdapObject.set()). And yes, DEBUGGING=True should override this.

@mhonek I think this seems like a good approach. I would have done the same, have a class variable of that signature, and then to use it to filter or replace the content with **** or similar.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

One thing I thought I put down but seemingly haven't, was that in the simplest implementation case, we should have a method, e.g. DSLdapObject.display_attr_value(attr, value, hide_sensitive=True) that would handle the displaying and would be used where necessary; that in order to have consistent behaviour across our library. Something like...

def display_attr_value(self, attr, value, hide_sesitive=True):
    if DEBUGGING or hide_sensitive:
        return value
        if attr.lower() in self._sensitive_attributes:
            return '********'
            return value

@mhonek Another option is to wrap / over-load the str/unicode method on the str we return. But that could be complex ....

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4 years ago

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