#50022 Confusing command line switches for dscreate and dsctl
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Issue Description

  1. dscreate has options, that in natural language consist of 2 words. In the util they are combined, but each in a different way, which leads to confusion (I still can't remember which one has dash and which one doesn't):
  1. dsctl has option --doit, which again consists of 2 words, but they are combined into one word. In my opinion, it would be more intuitive to use --force which is standard across many tools (git, cargo, GNU coreutils, etc).

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3 years ago

force isn't correct either. It's that by default we "dry run" and then you have to indicate "actually, yes, please blow up my install". So I think that force is the wrong way. --do-it was mean to be an affirmative, saying "yep, go ahead". So Ithink we need language like that?

If it's the opposite of --dry-run, then --no-dry-run is a common choice for such option.

We could also ask a question:

Are you really sure to remove? [no]:

and wait for user's input. If it's non-interactive install, a common pattern is to pipe yes to the program that asks too many questions.

And one more thing that I noticed while testing WebUI. The following text appears in the dialog, but there is no way pressing ctrl-c will prevent the uninstall process:

About to remove instance server-f29!
If this is not what you want, press ctrl-c now ...

4 ...
3 ...
2 ...
1 ...
0 ...
Removing instance ...

We should detect if it's a tty and we're able to trap ctrl-c signal. Otherwise the message is misleading.

FYI, currently if you don't use "--doit" it just aborts. There is no dry run that occurs. So to me the "count down" and the requirement of "--doit" is a bit redundant.

I am currently working on this issue(combining a few of these small dsctl issues into a single PR). I'll wait to hear from you guys to hash this out, but I wanted to mention that --doit(or --do-it) doesn't currently serve a purpose IMO.

We can continue to debate this in the above PR

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