#49791 Rename dscreate options
Closed: wontfix 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by mmuehlfeldrh.

Currently the dscreate command provides two options:

fromfile Create an instance of Directory Server from an inf answer file
example Display an example ini answer file, with comments

Proposed changes:

1) Rename the "example" option to "create-template". Additionally, it should write the output directly to a file the user specifies, not to stdout. Proposed usage: $ dscreate create-instance /path/to/file.inf
This allows admins to easily create config file without redirecting the content. Additionally, the current name (example) is not self-explaining.

2) Rename the "fromfile" option to "create-instance". This should explain better what the option does.

3) It would be great if the these options could be turned into real -- options (--create-template, --create-instance), same as --help and --verbose, which already exist.

Note: The file created by the --create-template option should create the file with mode 600, because users will edit it and the file can contain the password in plain text.

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Used a slightly l different naming convention:

fromfile -> install
example -> create-template

Fixed in https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/pull-request/49805

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Update docker file:

177f5c4..d881a4c master -> master

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