#49713 lib389 CLI tools are too verbose
Closed: wontfix 3 years ago by mreynolds. Opened 3 years ago by mreynolds.

Issue Description

When you use the dsconf/dsidm commands they print a lot of output. Its a bit much. I would like to see it reduced as much as possible, and only log it when "--verbose" is requested.

This includes things like: "Command successful." We don't need this if we return the correct result code to the caller. See https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/49712

dscreate all writes a lot of text to STDOUT:

READY: Preparing installation for new_inst
Error: signed integer is greater than maximum
FAIL: Command failed. See output for details.

The FAIL line is pointless, and the READY line should only be printed if verbose is set.

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3 years ago

https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/49712 has addressed some of this, but I think there is more we can cleanup.

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3 years ago

Actually, I disagree on a few bits here. I think saying things like "success" at the end is a really valuable feedback to the user, because jusht "silently continuing" doesn't make feedback available. Feedback is vitally important to admins to assert faith that what they did, worked, so I'd like to keep a little bit of this verbositiy in here....

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