#49639 IPA server installation fails in Fedora 28
Closed: wontfix 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by rcritten.

Issue Description

IPA installation fails in a libvirt VM running Fedora 28 beta 1.3 + updates as of April 17. VM is configured with 2GB RAM and has 2GB swap.

[17/Apr/2018:14:14:03.039195451 -0400] - ERR - memory allocator - realloc of 4294967295 bytes failed; OS error 12 (Cannot allocate memory)
The server has probably allocated all available virtual memory. To solve
this problem, make more virtual memory available to your server, or reduce
one or more of the following server configuration settings:
  nsslapd-cachesize        (Database Settings - Maximum entries in cache)
  nsslapd-cachememsize     (Database Settings - Memory available for cache)
  nsslapd-dbcachesize      (LDBM Plug-in Settings - Maximum cache size)
  nsslapd-import-cachesize (LDBM Plug-in Settings - Import cache size).
Can't recover; calling exit(1).

Package Version and Platform

freeipa git master 692a9931da326d2de00255c494786f90929843eb

Steps to reproduce

  1. build freeipa
  2. ipa-server-install -a password -p password -r EXAMPLE.TEST --setup-dns

... The error is as it says. You have run out of available memory on your system. Not much we can really do about that. There is a lot you may need to check like:

  • Do you allow vm overcommit?
  • What are the tomcat settings in freeipa?
  • What else is running on your machine?
  • is this 100% reproducable? Or just "random" occurance.


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4 years ago

The error says it tried to allocate 4GB of RAM on a nearly empty database.

This is a fresh installation of F-28. using the 1.3 beta iso + dnf fixes + dnf -y update.

Zero tuning is done. It should work out-of-the-box.

I reproduced it twice in a row.

I just ran the Freeipa install twice on a F28 VM with 2 gigs of memory without aby problems.

What part of the install fails for you @rcritten ? Can you also provide the DS errors log from your VM?

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4 years ago

I was able to reproduce the exact error, but the ipa install completed. Continuing to investigate...

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

@mreynolds I guess you'll do fixed builds for Fedora and update the F28 update? Thanks!

@mreynolds I guess you'll do fixed builds for Fedora and update the F28 update? Thanks!

Of course, I plan to do the builds first thing tomorrow!

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