#49623 cenotaph errors on modrdn operations
Closed: fixed 5 months ago by vashirov. Opened 2 years ago by mreynolds.

Issue Description

Doing a modrdn (new superior) on a standalone plain instance (no replication setup) I see:

[23/Mar/2018:08:34:17.112762032 -0400] - ERR - conn=11 op=11 - urp_fixup_add_cenotaph - failed to add cenotaph, err= 21

I see the same error if I move it back and forth between subtrees.

If I enable replication, and delete an entry then recreate it, and do a modrdn back and forth (twice) between two subtrees I see:

[23/Mar/2018:08:39:45.077620637 -0400] - ERR - conn=11 op=75 csn=5ab4f591000000030000 - urp_fixup_add_cenotaph - failed to add cenotaph, err= 68

--> This one is a little trickier to reproduce. It requires deleting and readding the same entry and moving it back a forth a few times, but eventually you will get the error above.

Package Version and Platform

389-ds-base- - I have not tried 1.3.7 but I suspect it is the same.

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Ok, I reproduced this again. The problem is that the dn of the cenotaph is built by creatin a new rdn of

 nsuniqueid=nnnnn-nnnnn-nnnnn-nnnnn+<old rdn>

If the entry is moved back and forth between subtrees, when it is moved the second time from the same subtree will generate a dn which already exists and so the new cenotaph cannot be added.
The original MODRDN succeeds, so only a potential use in conflict resolution could be an issue, but in a usual deployment it should have no effect other than the message in theerror log

this ticket 49623 needs to be linked to the Red Hat bug report 1762901

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5 months ago

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