#49615 dn of nested tombstones is incorrect
Opened 2 years ago by lkrispen. Modified 5 months ago

Issue Description

If nested entries are deleted the dns of the lower level entries are incorrect.

eg if we have

dn: <suffix>

dn: cn=parent,<suffix>

dn: cn=child,cn=parent,<suffix>

and then delete child and the parent the resulting tombstones are:

dn: nsuniqueid=xxxxx,cn=parent,<suffix>
dn: nsuniqueid=yyyyy,cn=child,cn=parent,<suffix>

although the dn of the child should be:
dn: nsuniqueid=yyyyy,cn=child,nsuniqueid=xxxxx,cn=parent,<suffix>

NOTE: the correct tombstone dns are difficult to view, since the rdns are bloated, correct rdns should follow ticket #49507

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- Custom field origin adjusted to None
- Custom field reviewstatus adjusted to None
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2 years ago

@lkrispen - is this still a problem or was this addressed by your previous change the DN structure?

Metadata Update from @mreynolds:
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.4.2 (was:

a year ago

The tickets #49615, #49616 and #49507 should be handled together, but they didn't get attention for quite some time.
A problem might be that the format changes and we need to be carefule when to introduce it.

Please keep them open and I will look into them again.

Metadata Update from @vashirov:
- Issue priority set to: normal
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.4.4 (was: 1.4.2)

5 months ago

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