#49601 Can't setup SSL after srvcore merge - Unable to create PinObj
Closed: wontfix 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by spichugi.

After srvcore merge, we can't setup SSL on Fedora 27 built from master.

Build tested:

Reproduction steps:
1. Build 389-ds-base on clean Fedora 27
2. Run the test: dirsrvtests/tests/suites/tls/tls_check_crl_test.py
3. It will fail because it can't bind through ldaps.
ldap.SERVER_DOWN: {'desc': "Can't contact LDAP server", 'errno': 107, 'info': 'Transport endpoint is not connected'}

With CONFIG errorlog-level enabled:
[12/Mar/2018:12:23:44.399132831 -0400] - WARN - Security Initialization - SSL alert: Unable to create PinObj (Netscape Portable Runtime error 0 - no error)
[12/Mar/2018:12:23:44.399871405 -0400] - ERR - force_to_disable_security - ERROR: SSL Initialization Failed. Disabling SSL.

Additional info:
If I build without srvcore merge commit:
The test passes.

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4 years ago

Interesting. I wonder if this is a dlopen issue? I'll look into this asap.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago


The change makes the test pass. Please, suggest if there is a saner way to fix this. More of a cleanup regarding old svrcore build system should be done I guess but better in a new ticket.

ack, and yes please open a ticket and describe what needs to be done. Thanks Matus!

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4 years ago

The test passes. Ack from me too :)

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4 years ago

Great work! Can't believe it was such a simple fix :)

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