#49574 can index subsystem be removed ?
Closed: fixed a year ago by firstyear. Opened 2 years ago by lkrispen.

in index_subsys.h and index_subsystem.c functions for a "virtual indexing" are defined, but I don't see that they are used or how they could be used.
We have call from opshared and filterindex, but they do nothing since nothing is initialized.

I would like to cleanup and remove this

I think I have found this issue before and either reported it or discussed it via email.

I think I arrived at a similar conclusion, that we supporteda plugable index mechanism, but only internally, and it was quite broken (I think??).

Anyway, I'm all for removing this. Please do it!

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commit 8d51c97

Fix compiler warning

58be90b..bf34aba master -> master

I think this is done, so I'll close this now.

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