#49292 Replica agreement using gssapi may have transient initial failure, RA status should show it may recover
Opened 3 years ago by tbordaz. Modified 5 months ago

Issue Description

A replica agreement binding with GSSAPI may get initial failure to bind while the KDC is getting up.

In such case replica agreement status is a generic "Problem connecting to replica"

It would be interesting in case of failure in the first attempts to bind (GSSAPI) to either log a less scary status or retry after a short delay.

Package Version and Platform


Steps to reproduce

1.install master-replica with a kdc that is slow to startup

Actual results

If KDC is not startup at the time of the first bind, we get ""Problem connecting to replica"

Expected results

Possibly get something like: ""Problem connecting to replica possibly a transient failure..."
Then if it fails more than 2 times then set ""Problem connecting to replica"

It is expected in 7.5 for better support

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3 years ago

This is purely an IPA issue: The KDC depends on LDAP, and LDAP repl relies on the KDC. This chicken and egg issue can not be resolved I don't think, so we just have to cop the failure.

@firstyear Not sure it is chicken and egg. KDC slow startup exists independently of existence of replication agreements. I think the interest of the ticket is for administration. Would it help an administrator to know that "problem of connection" is a red flag and "Temporary problem of connection" an orange flag that can later turn to red. ?

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