#49129 Retrochangelog does not handle DB_DEADLOCK
Opened 3 years ago by tbordaz. Modified 5 months ago

Issue Description

When retroCL is enabled we can see this kind of messages:

[09/Feb/2017:16:27:58 -0500] - dn2entry_ext: Failed to get id for
changenumber=141374,cn=changelog from entryrdn index (-30993)
[09/Feb/2017:16:27:58 -0500] - Operation error fetching
changenumber=141374,cn=changelog (null), error -30993.
[09/Feb/2017:16:27:58 -0500] DSRetroclPlugin - replog: an error occured
while adding change number 141374, dn =
changenumber=141374,cn=changelog: Operations error.
[09/Feb/2017:16:27:58 -0500] retrocl-plugin - retrocl_postob: operation
failure [1]

The two first messages are related to a db_deadlock when the retroCL plugin add the entry and tries to check if it already exists.
We may better handle this rc at least to log a more precise message.

The two last messages are a consequence of the previous DB_DEADLOCK failure.
Preferably it should retry.

Package Version and Platform

Those logs are coming from 1.3.5 but it can happen in any version

Steps to reproduce

No clear steps to reproduce.

Actual results

The main operation fails because of RetroCL failure, although it should retry.
The message are not showing that it is a transient error

Expected results

Have retroCL to handle DB_DEADLOCK/RETRY. Logs showing it is transient error

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