#49086 SDN premangaling is broken after pw_verify change
Closed: wontfix 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by firstyear.

When we changed to pw_verify, ADDN stopped working.

This is because the be_bind is looking at

239             sdn = operation_get_target_spec(pb->pb_op);
240             if (sdn) {
241                 dns = slapi_ldap_explode_dn(slapi_sdn_get_dn(sdn), 0);
242                 if (dns) {
(gdb) print sdn
$1 = (Slapi_DN *) 0x60080011ad50
(gdb) print *sdn
$2 = {flag = 7 '\a', udn = 0x0, dn = 0x600400475430 "user1", ndn = 0x600400471ed0 "user1", ndn_len = 5}

The target spec is from the operation.c, which is:

operation_get_target_spec (Slapi_Operation *op)
        return op->o_target_spec;

But the pblock is setting a different attribute.

        case SLAPI_TARGET_SDN:
                        (*(Slapi_DN **)value) = pblock->pb_op->o_params.target_address.sdn;
                        return( -1 );

We probably need to clean this up, and make the target SDN consistent in our code, to weed out subtle issues like this.

Can be shown with test ds/dirsrvtests/tests/tickets/ticket48272_test.py

Can be built and tested with make check

{william@ldapkdc 13:13} ~/build/ds I0> ./test_slapd 
[==========] Running 7 test(s).
[ RUN      ] test_libslapd_hello
[       OK ] test_libslapd_hello
[ RUN      ] test_libslapd_pblock_analytics
[       OK ] test_libslapd_pblock_analytics
[ RUN      ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_target_dn
[       OK ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_target_dn
[ RUN      ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_target_sdn
[       OK ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_target_sdn
[ RUN      ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_original_target_dn
[       OK ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_original_target_dn
[ RUN      ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_target_uniqueid
[       OK ] test_libslapd_pblock_v3c_target_uniqueid
[ RUN      ] test_libslapd_operation_v3c_target_spec
[       OK ] test_libslapd_operation_v3c_target_spec
[==========] 7 test(s) run.
[  PASSED  ] 7 test(s).

This patch doesn't appear to "fix" anything, it just adds tests. The tests look fine so you get my ack, but it looks like there is a still an issue that is not addressed.

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5 years ago

commit 6df837c
To ssh://git@pagure.io/389-ds-base.git
73f221a..6df837c master -> master

Adds compat api checker.

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5 years ago

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5 years ago

I found trying to merge these values without breaking the API to be WAYYY too hard. Will re-tackle this with pblock v4 later.

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- Custom field reviewstatus adjusted to review

5 years ago

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5 years ago

commit e9c5e2dd6d1154613db7af68d59ab2d9d75bc58e
To ssh://git@pagure.io/389-ds-base.git
ccfc3c3..1c790df master -> master

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5 years ago

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5 years ago

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