#49019 cn=config mod delete then mod add does not work
Closed: wontfix a year ago by spichugi. Opened 5 years ago by firstyear.

The ldap standard allows mod delete then mod add on an object in a single transaction to be valid. Some libraries like python ldap infact do this to simulate mod replace.

Due to the design of the calls in configdse.c and the lack of atomic isolation in cn=config, this does not work. It should be fix.

How is this ticket related to Ticket #48961 - Unable to reset auditfail log to default value of ""?

If it is independent, could you please add a test case? Thanks.

Yes, this is independent.

There is actually a work around in lib389 that prevents the issue.

It has to do with how python ldap does a MOD_REPLACE: It actually converts to a MOD_DELETE and MOD_ADD. By the ldap standard this is allowed, but the configdse.c code it rejects the operation even if it's valid.

I'll add a test case soon for it, it's not an urgent issue.

To fix this, I really need transactions in our ldif backend, which means other work to be done. Pushing this back.

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