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As we have started to lay the foundations for new administration tools and commands in lib389, we now need the command line tools to utilise them.

This will add unified administration tools dsadm and dsconf.

dsadm will administer the local instance of the server, for tools that require local access. This includes, db2bak, bak2db, installing instances, removing instances, start, stop.

dsconf will administer configuration of the directory server via the ldap interface. This includes plugins, indices, logging settings, backends: generally everything in cn=config.

Please help us to review your patches...

It'd be nice to provide us some usage patterns using them. Like, the steps of setup, configuration, and operation command lines?

Could there be any "interactive mode"? Or everything is given via options? How about the silent mode equivalent?

Probably, you could start a page or two on port389.org... ;)

Yes, I think I need to make a design document for this. I will do that to help with the review.

Thanks for your advice!

Thank YOU, William.

May I ask you the most basic question? :) Why you separated dsconf from dsadm? If dsadm does everything with a config option, the administrators do not have to memorize 2 command names?

And I noticed your 5 patches show progress in them. Like the 3rd patch fixes something in the 1st or 2nd patch... That means, we should apply all the patches once and generate one patch by ourselves?

This is a great start! I just have a few comments...


"dsconf" I see you are using "-Z' for startTLS, but in all the other scripts (DS utils & dsadm) -Z is used to specify the server instance. I know ldapsearch uses -Z(-ZZ) for SSL, but I think we should be consistent with "our" command line tools, and we should not use -Z in dsconf for startTLS.

In lib389/cli_base/init.py

connect_instance() this should call:

ds.open(starttls=starttls, connOnly=True)

Otherwise it performs all kinds of unnecessary searches per connection. Unless that's what you want, but if it's just to open a connection(and not populate other fields of the DirSrv object) then connOnly should be set to True.


Looks good


Looks good


Looks good


Looks good

I'll give my ack, but look into my comments and adjust the patch as needed.

connOnly is a good idea. I'll add that and test before I push. I want to completely rip out parts of the DirSrv object later anyway, but this is a start.

With the startTls, I would rather us do the same as the openldap tools. Given we point people to ldapsearch -Z ... we should be consistent to that IMO.

It's certainly not set in stone in anyway shape or form, so I think we can discuss this further.

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Made the connOnly change, squashed all to one commit.

We can continue to discuss the name and -Z option, and then add a second commit to change these.

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