#48945 Improve message when we can't open a file.
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db2ldif: can't open /home/admin/ldap-setup/OrgRoot-new.ldif: 13 (Permission denied)

We see this message, and we gloss over it a bit. However, to a user it is a source of confusion, because they ofter run db2ldif as root, yet why can it not access this file?

I think we can improve this

db2ldif: running as user dirsrv
db2ldif: can't open \"<path>\" as <user>: 13 (Permission denied)

This way, the administrator quickly, and clearly knows the issue is that we drop privs, and the location is not accessible to the running user.

{root@ldapkdc 16:29} /opt/dirsrv/var/run/dirsrv I0> /opt/dirsrv/sbin/db2ldif -Z localhost -n userRoot -a /root/backup/bak.ldif
Exported ldif file: /root/backup/bak.ldif
ldiffile: /root/backup/bak.ldif
[08/Nov/2016:16:29:24.683898196 +1000] - ERR - ldbm_back_ldbm2ldif - db2ldif: can't open /root/backup/bak.ldif: 13 (Permission denied) while running as user "dirsrv"
[08/Nov/2016:16:29:24.922910068 +1000] - INFO - dblayer_pre_close - All database threads now stopped


A good idea to show the user name running the server.

Could there be another factor SELinux? If the output location is not allowed in terms of the SELinux definition, it fails regardless of the user? (but that'd beyond of this ticket, I guess...)

Selinux is a factor, but it's hard to identify from within the process. I think this hint is a first step to improving this, and as I find more of these messages, I'll be improving them too.

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