#48904 syncrepl search returning error 329; plugin sending a bad error code
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Description of problem:
dns connection (see binddn) that does a search returning error 329; plugin
sending a bad error code to the server?

How reproducible:
This is something extremely strange:

dns connection (see binddn) that does a search returning error 329 which does
not seem to be standard ldap error. It repeats several times.

[..] conn=93893 op=2 RESULT err=0 tag=97 nentries=0
etime=0 dn="krbprincipalname=dns/user.test.example.com@example.com,cn=ser
[..] conn=93893 op=3 SRCH
base="cn=dns,dc=example,dc=com" scope=2 filter="(|(objectClass=idnsConfigObj
)" attrs=ALL
[..] conn=93893 op=3 RESULT err=329 tag=121 nentries=0 etime=1

I guess it's a plugin sending a bad error code to the server.

This shows up regularly on multiple machines.

Description: Implemented based upon the analysis by lkrispen@redhat.com.

the problem is in the new function send_ldap_intermediate() introduced for
sync_repl, it calls log_result (....,rc, ) where rc is the return code of
ber_put_seq(). It should call log_result( ...,1, ) if rc==LBER_ERROR and
(...,0,..) else.

Instead of using 1 and 0, use ldap code LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR and LDAP_SUCCESS,

See also: Ticket 47388 - RFE to implement RFC4533 -ver2

Reviewed by William (Thanks!!!)

Pushed to master:
2309c38..0157eb1 master -> master
commit 0157eb1

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