#48902 ns-slapd shutdown crashes if pwdstorageschema name is from stack.
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by firstyear.

Due to 48872 we now actually free and close plugins correctly.

However, this has exposed a number of issues in other plugins not behaving correctly. In the TET tests the xorplugin assign a name to SLAPI_PLUGIN_PWD_STORAGE_SCHEME_NAME from the stack rather than the heap. When plugin_closeall is called, this causes a segfault as slapi_ch_free_string(&plugin->plg_pwdstorageschemename); is trying to free something that it cannot.

The fix is that we should be strduping the name, and then freeing that in the plugin_free. This way plugins can allocate from heap or stack and we do not cause these faults.

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