#48846 Rlimit check in dsktune and util.c does not handle RLIM_INFINITY correctly.
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RLIM_INFINITY is set to a high or low values on certain platforms. We need to be able to detect and manage this if it is set. This especially affects 32bit systems (IE embedded arm)

/* Value to indicate that there is no limit.  */                                 
#ifndef __USE_FILE_OFFSET64                                                      
# define RLIM_INFINITY ((__rlim_t) -1)                                           
# define RLIM_INFINITY 0xffffffffffffffffuLL                                     

In some cases this can prevent installation as dsktune fails, and may cause cache sizechecking to behave incorrectly.

ERROR : processes are limited by RLIMIT_DATA to -1 MB in size.

ERROR : processes are limited by RLIMIT_AS to -1 MB in size.

ERROR : The above errors MUST be corrected before proceeding.

It looks good to me. But please double-check that using RLIM_INFINITY does not introduce any compiler warnings...
$ egrep RLIM_INFINITY /usr/include/.h /usr/include//*.h
/usr/include/asm-generic/resource.h:#ifndef RLIM_INFINITY
/usr/include/asm-generic/resource.h:# define RLIM_INFINITY (~0UL)
/usr/include/bits/resource.h:# define RLIM_INFINITY ((__rlim_t) -1)
/usr/include/bits/resource.h:# define RLIM_INFINITY 0xffffffffffffffffuLL

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