#48824 Cleanup rpm.mk and rpm spec file
Closed: Fixed None Opened 3 years ago by mreynolds.

Need to remove jemalloc bundling, add a srvcore version dependency, and remove "%if %0{?" conditional tests.

I also added Requires for svrcore in the official spec file, but I think it may not be that important for rpm/389-ds-base.spec.in.

$ egrep svrcore 389-ds-base.spec
BuildRequires: svrcore-devel >= 4.1.2
Requires: svrcore >= 4.1.2
BuildRequires: svrcore-devel >= 4.1.2
Requires: svrcore-devel >= 4.1.2
NSSARGS="--with-svrcore-inc=%{_includedir} --with-svrcore-lib=%{_libdir} --with-nss-lib=%{_libdir} --with-nss-inc=%{_includedir}/nss3"

Also added the version requirement to all the srvcore requires, I thought since everything was a subpackage it was not needed, but I added them anyway.

e006842..347b3fe master -> master
commit 347b3fe
Author: Mark Reynolds mreynolds@redhat.com
Date: Fri May 6 17:28:27 2016 -0400

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