#48818 In docker, setup-ds.pl hangs indefinetly
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Docker starts the first process as pid 1. But pid 1 is special. It's meant to clean up zombies (defunct) processes.

However, our perl code in setup-ds.pl, when we called $startcmd, the start-dirsrv process was being left defucnt.

Issue is, that because it's defunct, the pid exists, as do the fds. Perl never returns. Our tests all fail, and setup-ds.pl hangs.

To fix this, we need to implement the process reaping capability of pid 1 into part of our perl code.

First, I thought it might be nicer to keep this debug message in the else of "if ($code)" clause.

debug(1, "Started the server: code $code\n");

But anyway we have no way to print the debug messages for now? (I could not find it... Do you happen to know how to?) So, I guess we don't have to worry about losing the message or sacrificing output collection? ;)

I tried really really hard to get message output to work, but it causes issues. Because the fd isn't closed, anything that reads from the output blocks and hangs, so waitpid never is called. This means the child stays defunct, and everything still hangs. :(

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Thanks for getting this fixed! Ack

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