#48680 enable logging for third party libs in error log
Opened 4 years ago by lkrispen. Modified 2 months ago

libraries like libldap, libber, libsasl do error and debug logging, but it is not available in the DS logs.

There is a mechanism to provide a logging function and define debug levels for these libs and get the messages logged in the DS error log.

the attached patch just shows how it can be doen for libldap and libber, to make it a real patch it has to be determined where and when the debug function and level is set/reset and how to configure it

Hi Ludwig,

Could you please push your patch to the master branch?

If you are leaning toward not to include in the next release, is it ok to push it to 1.3.6?

Hi Ludwig,

Just in case you missed my comment above (#comment:5), I'll let you own this ticket... ;)

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Could this be used in LMDB?

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2 months ago

IIRC lmdb doesn't offer any logging or debugging interface, so this isn't really relevant to LMDB .... it would have to come from our backend code wrapping and interpreting any result codes.

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