#48447 --with-initddir in configure should accept "no"
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Our configure script has the current logic:

If systemd:
- disable
- always use initddir

This isn't good form for porting to other distros. initddir should accept ="no" to prevent the creation of /etc/init.d/rc.d scripts.

A question about this line.
472 AM_CONDITIONAL([INITDDIR], [test -z "$with_initdir" -a "$with_initddir" != "no"])

The length of $with_initdir is 0 AND $with_initdir is not "no"? You may want to check the length with '-n'?

I think you are right. I want to check if it's not no AND has some content. I'll fix this up.

This update, I checked and double check, the logic is correct.

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