#48333 Simplify accessiblitiy of tests for ds
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At the moment, to run a test we need to call:

PREFIX=/opt/dirsrv PYTHONPATH=/path/to/lib389 py.test ds/dirsrvtests/path/to/test

To test the full suite of the ds is very time consuming and hard with this approach.

It would be good to have an interface such as:

PYTHONPATH=/path/to/lib389 make test

PYTHONPATH=/path/to/lib389 make test <testname/ticket number/suite name>

This would make it easier to fully test ds and find regressions, as well as lowering the bar to a CI system in the future.

A significant amount of work would be required to pull this off, but in the long run it could really benefit the quality and testing process for ds.

Hi William,

I think, the best way to run CI is the using '''tox''' tool. It can prepare environment for testing, declare PYTHONPATH and many other things.

We can run CI with it on regular basis.

That is my opinion about this situation. Please, if anybody has something to add, join us.

I don't mind what tool we run for CI, but this is about making the tests:

  • easier to run
  • able to be selected via programmatic means
  • for a developer, we can standalone run py.test dirsrvtests for the full suite.

This will mean we can test more frequently, even with the full test suite.

As you are better at QE than I am, I will take your advice on tools for CI.

Looks good, glad to see the python cache and compiled files being ignored too!

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