#48308 Add __eq__ and __ne__ to Entry to allow fast comparison
Closed None Opened 4 years ago by firstyear.

lib389's searches yield Entry objects. It's handy to be able to do:

pre = ds.search_s(somedn)

Make a change

post = ds.search_s(somedn)

if pre == post:
# evaluate in some way.

This will make some aspects of writing tests for dirsrv easier, especially when we are looking for changes in objects due to plugin effects.

Fix for ordering of attributes in comparsion.

Is this ready to be pushed?

This is probably okay to merge, I just need to rebase it.

This is already merged, but apparently I didn't update the ticket. Closing.

commit 29173341a2dede1c5c8e8021d7b969f6784c8ee9
Author: William Brown wibrown@redhat.com
Date: Wed Oct 14 10:11:41 2015 +1000

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