#48297 use mmr changelog for sync repl
Opened 4 years ago by lkrispen. Modified 2 years ago

sync repl uses the retro changelog to refresh a clien which provides a cookie. the changes since the cookie are retrieved form the retro changelog.

To maintain the retro changelog only for that purpose is an overhead and the retro changelog was also part in several deadlock situation.

All the information required by sync repl is also already available in the regular mmr changelog, but there is no api to access it from another plugin.

Investigate the possibility and cost to use the MMR changelog instead of Retro CL

Note: the priority 'minor' does not mean the severity of this bug is low.

Comment by Ludwig:

It would be good to have this to avoid problems with ReroCL in IPA and to have an additional backend. But it looks not trivial, would like to spend some time investigating.
Maybe we can keep it in 1.3.5 and push out if too much effort.

Per triage, push the target milestone to 1.3.6.

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