#48271 Fix for self.prefix being none when SER_DEPLOYED_DIR is none
Closed: wontfix None Opened 6 years ago by firstyear.

If SER_DEPLOYED_DIR is explicitly set to None, args.get(SER_DEPLOYED_DIR, self.prefix) is overwritten to None. This can cause tests in 389ds and lib389 to fail immediately.

The .get method is only as a fall back if args doesn't contain the key, so this covers the case where SER_DEPLOYED_DIR is set incorrectly to None.

43eeafc..8c5376d master -> master
commit 8c5376d738ede5744f54f599573542ea9f43e23d
Author: William Brown william@blackhats.net.au
Date: Sat Sep 5 15:28:03 2015 +0930

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4 years ago

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