#48253 Lib389 improvements for handling failures in setup-ds.pl
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by firstyear.

This fixes two issues. The first is that in certain cases with ds.allocate and ds.create, setting a prefix to None would cause the process to raise an exception.

The second is that there was no error handling for if setup-ds.pl failed. This adds the exit code to always be logged, and for it to be checked. If the exit code indicates failure, an exception is raised.

To ssh://git.fedorahosted.org/git/389/lib389.git
c48301a..2338ba5 master -> master

commit 2338ba5c3aa4a361bf6ced6ed5120af243adbf91
Author: William Brown william@blackhats.net.au
Date: Thu Aug 20 14:26:15 2015 +0930

Metadata Update from @mreynolds:
- Issue set to the milestone: CI test 1.0

2 years ago

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