#48242 Make the create_test.py script better
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by spichugi.

Python script "create_test.py" may be improved, so it will match the pytest and some PEP8 criterias:
- 'main' should contain pytest.main() function;
- fixtures and their finilizers should be used instead of test_init() and test_final() functions;
- doc strings should be the exact PEP 0257 standart

a2dbb56..70ccd9b master -> master
commit 70ccd9b
Date: Wed Aug 12 11:54:37 2015 -0400

06dafdf..c16382c 389-ds-base-1.3.4 -> 389-ds-base-1.3.4
commit c16382c

b482c9f..20f6bc6 389-ds-base-1.3.3 -> 389-ds-base-1.3.3
commit 20f6bc6

Metadata Update from @spichugi:
- Issue assigned to mreynolds
- Issue set to the milestone: CI test 1.0

3 years ago

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