#48175 Avoid using regex in ACL if possible.
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Too expensive for the acl operation?

$ egrep _re_ acl/*.[ch]
acl/acl.c:  re = slapi_re_comp( pat, &re_result );
acl/acl.c:  /* slapi_re_exec() returns 1 if the string p1 matches the last compiled
acl/acl.c:  rc = slapi_re_exec( re, realval, -1 /* no timelimit */ );
acl/acl.c:  slapi_re_free(re);

in a test scenario provided by qa the high cpu usage by the regex code could be confirmed [perf output attached]

You patch looks good!

Could you share the top result from the build which your patch is applied to? Thanks!

screenshot of perf top with fix attached

Replying to [comment:5 lkrispen]:

screenshot of perf top with fix attached

Thank you, Ludwig!! What a beautiful result!!

Note: 389-ds-base-1.3.4 was branched after this patch was pushed.

Closing this ticket as FIXED.

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