#48032 change C code license to GPLv3
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In order to be future proof, the license should change to GPLv3. This includes 389 (389-ds-base), adminutil, admin server, and dsgw. This includes all headers in all files, LICENSE* files, documentation, wiki, and any other places that refer to the license.

Is this going to be GPLv3 or rather GPLv3 '''or later'''?

Replying to [comment:2 mkosek]:

Is this going to be GPLv3 or rather GPLv3 '''or later'''?

GPLv3 or later.

git patch file (master) -- Each source file refers the LICENSE file.

Thanks to Nathan for pointing out the first patch did not include the new LICENSE.openssl and LICENSE.GPLv3+. I've recreated the patch including them.

Copyright (C) 2015 Red Hat
2 see files 'LICENSE.GPLv3+' and 'LICENSE.openssl' for use and warranty
3 information

Richard Fontana (legal) said 'In the file LICENSE, I would delete "for use and warranty information"
(if only because no warranty is being given). The rest is okay.'

So maybe just say "See files 'LICENSE.GPLv3+' and 'LICENSE.openssl' for more information."

Otherwise, ack

git patch file (master) -- LICENSE LICENSE.GPLv3+ LICENSE.openssl (deleting EXCEPTION)

Thank you, Rich!! Replaced the line with:
See files 'LICENSE.GPLv3+' and 'LICENSE.openssl' for more information.

Pushed to master:
ac43090..817bc41 master -> master
commit 88cae40
commit 817bc41

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