#47987 PassSync: support TLS 1.1 and newer SSL versions
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Along with "disabling SSLv3" on the Directory Server, PassSync also has to support the newer SSL versions.

Adjusting PassSync to the latest libraries.
. NSPR: nspr-win-4.10.6-1
. NSS: nss-win-
. MOZLDAP: ldap-c-sdk-win-6.0.7-7

By default, PassSync uses TLS1.1 and newer SSL versions supported
by the NSS. To force to enable SSLv3.0, an environment variable
LDAPSSL_ALLOW_OLD_SSL_VERSION has to be set with some non NULL
value in Computer | Properties | Advanced system settings |
Environment Variables | System variables, add
value: 1
It will allow PassSync with this patch to connect to the server
that runs only accept SSLv3.0.
[...] conn=17 SSL3 128-bit AES

please make sure to test upgrade

Replying to [comment:2 rmeggins]:

please make sure to test upgrade

Thank you, Rich!
I installed passsync-win-1.1.5-7 and upgraded to this version (I haven't done it, but I should bump the version number to 1.1.6...) and verified it was successfully upgraded.

Reviewed by Rich (Thank you!!)

Pushed to master:
c7052e6..012c6ec master -> master
commit 012c6ecea3f9670217014ad0e83941eaa683042d

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5 years ago

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