#47972 [PATCH] make parsing of nsslapd-changelogmaxage more fool proof
Closed: wontfix None Opened 6 years ago by scne59.

When configuring nsslapd-changelogmaxage as a single non numeric character (e.g. "-") you end up with a changelog that is completely purged with the next run of the purge thread.
The problem is only logged for log level PLUGIN.

According to the principle of least astonishment a config error like that should be handled more user friendly.

As a fix:
in age_str2time(): return 0 if unit cannot be parsed and log the error message as FATAL, so you will at least have a default changelogmaxage and may notice the error message.

no clone, can be covered by upstream test

git patch file (master) -- applying the same fix made on the MMR plug-in to the retrocl plug-in, as well

The patch 0001-Fix-for-ticket-47972 - make-parsing-of-nsslapd-changelogmaxage-more-fault-t.patch​ looks good to me.

Jochen Schneider, thank you for providing a patch.

The patch was reviewed by Mark and myself.

Pushed to master:
1d18dd0..578f946 master -> master
commit 170f49c
commit 578f946

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