#47959 Information message on adjusted csn (replica_generate_next_csn) should not be logged on FATAL level
Closed: wontfix None Opened 7 years ago by pj101.

A typical message in error log:
[15/Nov/2014:04:19:09 +0100] - replica_generate_next_csn: opcsn=5466c62e000000020000 <= basecsn=5466c62e000000030000, adjusted opcsn=5466c62e000100020000

In the source code (./ldap/servers/plugins/replication/repl5_replica.c) it looks like a serious one (SLAPI_LOG_FATAL):

slapi_log_error (SLAPI_LOG_FATAL, NULL,
        "replica_generate_next_csn: "
        "opcsn=%s <= basecsn=%s, adjusted opcsn=%s\n",
         opcsnstr, basecsnstr, opcsn2str);

It should be logged on a less critical SLAPI_LOG_ level than FATAL since the message is purely informational.

In my opinion it is critical or could be critical, if it happens or happens frequently there is something broken in the deployment or in the replication algorithm/protocol and should be investigated.

So, we will not change the log level, but should investigate if it happens frequently.

Closing this ticket, if need to investigate, please open a new ticket and provide all data available.

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