#47848 [RFE] lib389 packaging support
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Current way of installing and using lib389 has it's issues as it needs manual intervention and changes to PATH and PYTHONPATH variables.

This ticket is to suggest using python's setuptools to create a setup.py and other required files that would allow at least source distribution and installation of the library. (python setup.py install) with the possibility to build a wheel (PEP-0427) or RPM distribution of the library.

This would allow to install the library either by pip or yum and thus making the process of setting up lib389 easier.

Do we need to have a dependency on a specific version of python-ldap? I don't think there is anything in the framework that precludes the use of python-ldap 2.3. Is it necessary to have a dependency on python-nose?

The setup.py and requirements.txt were created along [https://caremad.io/blog/setup-vs-requirement/ this] lines.

When using {{{python setup.py install}}} the dependency list from setup.py file is used.
Specific versions of packages are just frozen environment for setup.py as I used it to write this. To build/install the package there is actually no need for pytest itself at that point. I can remove the version tags if you want to.

The requirement for nose isn't actually correct this way. What I ment was for it to be a dependency for running unit tests on the library itseld (it does use nose), but the option works in a different way. I will remove this.

I removed the nose dependency from setup.py, removed version tags from requirements.

The requirements now contain dependencies for running bdist to build wheel package and nose to be able to run unit tests by {{{python setup.py nosetests}}} in the directory.

To ssh://git.fedorahosted.org/git/389/lib389.git
b488201..1103600 master -> master
commit 11036002fe69e849c11a49c8cf45cf496d09de62
Author: Milan KubĂ­k mkubik@redhat.com
Date: Thu Jul 17 17:22:04 2014 +0200

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