#47564 Add a new DNS record syntax
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The bind-dyndb-ldap project (and FreeIPA) would like to have a syntax plug-in that understands the BIND record syntax. There has been a detailed discussion of the requirements in this FreeIPA ticket:


To summarize the above ticket, there are functions available in bind-libs that should handle normalization for us (dns_rdata_fromtext and dns_rdata_totext). We would want to use these in our syntax plug-in to potentially normalize incoming values, as well as using them for comparison purposes.

Hi Martin,

feel free to ping me if you need any assistance with bind-libs. Have a nice day!

Replying to [comment:4 pspacek]:

Hi Martin,

Actually it is Mark, not Martin :-)

feel free to ping me if you need any assistance with bind-libs. Have a nice day!

Great, I will contact you when I get to this ticket, but I'm not working on it yet. Might be a little while until I get to this.

Anyway, thanks Petr!

we discussed this and the conclusion was that a syntax plugin should be developped.
It will use the bind libs for normalization of the values and we do not want to add a new dependency on bind in 389, so it will not be a standard syntax plugin.
It will be built, bundled and installed by IPA.
I will provide a syntax plugin with stubs to be replaced by the calls to the bind libs.

Open questions:
- the new syntax will need a syntax OID, has IPA a range of oids availabe to use ?
- if the dnsname attribute is part of the dn of an entry, the dn will be normalized using dn syntax, the componenmt will not be individually normalized

I think that we can allocate new sub-tree under 2.16.840.1.113730.3.8. I will discuss this with Simo.

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