#47344 389-dsgw: Does not support aarch64 in f19 and rawhide
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Ticket was cloned from Red Hat Bugzilla (product Fedora): Bug 924959

Support for the ARM 64 bit CPU architecture (aarch64) was introduced in
autoconf 2.69.  389-dsgw appears to use an earlier version of
autoconf, preventing its being built.  This can be fixed in of three ways (In
order of preference):

1. Work with upstream to migrate the package to autoconf 2.69.

2. Rerun autoconf or autoreconf in %prep or %build prior to running

3. Apply the patch at
which updates config.guess and config.sub to recognize aarch64.

Fix description: Reran autoconf (autoconf-2.69-3.fc18.noarch) on Fedora 18.

$ egrep aarch config.
config.guess: aarch64:Linux:
config.guess: aarch64_be:Linux:
config.guess: UNAME_MACHINE=aarch64_be
config.sub: | aarch64 | aarch64_be \
config.sub: | aarch64-
| aarch64_be-* \

Pushed to master: commit 8a5fc40dc277bfd99a82dacab5bc23a133a56c07

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6 years ago

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