#30 Allow sync of "pseudo-user" accounts
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Description of problem:
There are "pseudo-user" accounts in AD that have mostly "user" objectclass
schema but are missing required attributes in DS, such as the "sn" attribute.
There may be some cases where we want to allow the user to sync these entries:

"I think it might be clearer if we synchronized all accounts that do not use
built-in SIDs (reserved) and are in the correct cn / ou since there is no such
things as a 'psuedo user' in AD.  There may be cases where it is desirable for
application users to sync, for example a user used for monitoring could log in
from an application server to Linux / Windows with the same account.  This user
might not have all the attributes that a real person would have."

We could fill in the missing values in several ways:
1) hard coded value ("Missing Surname")
2) set value to use in winsync agreement entry
winsyncMissing: sn Missing Surname
winsyncMissing: sn $displayName
winsyncMissing: sn (objectclass=ipaWinsyncConfig) sn
the last is similar to what the ipa-winsync plugin does for missing posix

The list of well-known SIDs/RIDs is found here - http://git.samba.org/?p=samba.

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