#273 ruv tombstone searches don't work after reindex entryrdn
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by rmeggins.

setup replication with 1.2.10.a6 or earlier - verify replication is working

upgrade to 1.2.10.a8

do a search like this:

ldapsearch -xLLL -D "cn=directory manager" -w password -b dc=example,dc=com '(&(nsuniqueid=ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff)(objectclass=nstombstone))'

You will see no entries returned. The entryrdn.db4 looks like this:

ID: 1; RDN: "dc=example,dc=com"; NRDN: "dc=example,dc=com"
ID: 10; RDN: "nsuniqueid=ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff"; NRDN: "nsunique

That is, it thinks the ruv tombstone rdn is a suffix instead of a child of dc=example,dc=com


To ssh://git.fedorahosted.org/git/389/ds.git
b862b3c..6037bfe master -> master
commit changeset:6037bfe/389-ds-base
Author: Rich Megginson rmeggins@redhat.com
Date: Fri Jan 27 17:09:06 2012 -0700
Reviewed by: nhosoi (Thanks!)
Branch: master
Fix Description: When indexing entryrdn, if there is no parentid in the
entry, assume the parent is the suffix entry. It appears the only case
where there was no parentid in the entry is the ruv tombstone case.
Bump the database rdn-format version to 2.
Platforms tested: RHEL6 x86_64
Flag Day: no
Doc impact: no

commit changeset:790cbbb/389-ds-base
Author: Rich Megginson rmeggins@redhat.com
Date: Mon Jan 30 20:47:23 2012 -0700
Branch: master
Fix Description: Upgrade script was not working correctly:
1) replace both rdn-format/ and rdn-format-1/ with rdn-format-2/
2) use s (replace) instead of y (transliterate)
3) use correct version string when updating main DBVERSION file
4) open main DBVERSION file in write mode
5) do not put extra newline in DBVERSION file
Platforms tested: RHEL6 x86_64
Flag Day: no
Doc impact: no

Added initial screened field value.

Metadata Update from @nkinder:
- Issue assigned to rmeggins
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.2.10.rc1

2 years ago

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