#233 Switch to normal user in DS console still allows certain admin tasks
Closed: wontfix 6 months ago by mreynolds. Opened 8 years ago by rmeggins.


Description of problem:
Log in to console as admin or directory manager and bring up DS console, then
"Log in as New User" and auth as a regular user.

On most panels the normal user can't do anything, but on the Tasks tap, the
stop/start/restart buttons works.  Even changing cert db passwd works too.
He/she can also get to the admin console and change admin user id/passwd, and
admin port, etc.

Note that if a normal user run startconsole and authenticate in that way,
won't be able to bring up DS console at all.  Only limited access to Users and
Groups panel in the admin console.

This is most likely not a regression, and may not be common use case anyway.
The only risk is an admin user switch or give control of the consoles to a
regular user this way and assumes the regular user can't do anything.

How reproducible:

batch move to milestone future

set default ticket origin to Community

Added initial screened field value.

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3 years ago

Admin server/Console is deprecated, closing ticket...

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