#218 RFE - Make RIP working with Replicated Entries
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by rmeggins.

batch move to milestone 1.3

Added new config attribute for the RI Plugin: "nsslapd-pluginAllowReplUpdates: on"

Steps to reproduce:

[1] Setup a supplier and a consumer.
[2] Enabled the RI plugin on just the consumer
[3] Create a new user and group
[4] Add the user to the group (using uniquemember)
[5] Everything should be in synch
[6] Delete the user, but the user still exists in the group on the consumer

To test the fix:

[1] Stop the consumer
[2] Edit the dse.ldif and add "nsslapd-pluginAllowReplUpdates: on" to the RI plugin config entry
[3] Start the server, and rerun the test above.
[4] This time the group should not contain the uniquemember attribute of the user entry.

Thanks for the review Rich!

[mareynol@localhost servers]$ git merge ticket367
Updating ff601de..dc37983
ldap/servers/plugins/chainingdb/cb_instance.c | 192 +++---
ldap/servers/plugins/referint/referint.c | 903 ++++++++++------------
ldap/servers/plugins/replication/repl5_plugins.c | 7 +-
3 files changed, 527 insertions(+), 575 deletions(-)

[mareynol@localhost servers]$ git push
Counting objects: 26, done.
Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (16/16), done.
Writing objects: 100% (16/16), 5.64 KiB, done.
Total 16 (delta 11), reused 0 (delta 0)
To ssh://git.fedorahosted.org/git/389/ds.git
ff601de..dc37983 master -> master

Added initial screened field value.

move closed tickets to 1.3.0.a1

Metadata Update from @rmeggins:
- Issue assigned to mreynolds
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.3.0.a1

3 years ago

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