#150 Winsync: ntUserHomeDirDrive is not synchronized
Closed: wontfix 2 years ago by mreynolds. Opened 10 years ago by mkosek.


Description of problem: Winsync is working very well, apart from the
ntHomeDirDrive Attribute not being synchronized for some reason, even though it
does appear in the "Edit Preferences" dialog. I've checked the documentation
the sources and in both cases this attribute seems to be excluded for some
reason. The mapping needs to be ntUserHomeDirDrive <-> homeDrive, but it also
needs attention as for now the Preferences editor only allows single letters,
Windows expects homeDrive to be in the format "X:", so colons need to be valid.

How reproducible: With normal Windows Active Directory Synchronization. It
happens in any case.

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