dbb8992 Issue 50545 - Port repl-monitor.pl to lib389 CLI

Authored and Committed by spichugi 2 years ago
    Issue 50545 - Port repl-monitor.pl to lib389 CLI
    Description: Add a new command to 'dsconf replication' CLI.
    'dsconf replication monitor' generates a report which
    shows the replication topology to which the instance does belong.
    Additional arguments:
      -c or --connections [CONNECTION [CONNECTION ...]]
    	The connection values for monitoring other not
    	connected topologies. The format:
    	'host:port:binddn:bindpwd'. You can use regex for host
    	and port. You can set bindpwd to * and it will be
    	requested at the runtime or you can include the path
    	to the password file in square brackets - [~/pwd.txt]
      -a or --aliases [ALIAS [ALIAS ...]]
    	If a host:port is assigned an alias, then the alias
    	instead of host:port will be displayed in the output.
    	The format: alias=host:port
    Also, ~/.dsrc can be used for specifying the connections and aliases.
        connection1 = server1.example.com:38901:cn=Directory manager:*
        connection2 = server2.example.com:38902:cn=Directory manager:[~/pwd.txt]
        connection3 = hub1.example.com:.*:cn=Directory manager:password
        M1 = server1.example.com:38901
        M2 = server2.example.com:38902
    Reviewed by: mreynolds (Thanks!)
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