d08f7eb Ticket 50305 - Revise CleanAllRUV task restart process

Authored and Committed by mreynolds 3 months ago
    Ticket 50305 - Revise CleanAllRUV task restart process
    Bug Description:  If the server was stopped while a CleanAllRUV task was
                      running the task gets marked in the replica config entry
                      so it knowns to resume the task at server startup.  The
                      problem is that when it resumed it just fires off the
                      task thread, and did not create a new Slapi_Task entry.
                      This makes it impossible to track these tasks that got
    Fix Description:  There were a few things wrong with the resume process,
                      including it was harded coded to only handle a maximum
                      of 4 tasks.  We also were not recording all the required
                      information needed to resume the task.
                      Now "resume" process can handle an infinite number of
                      tasks, and it creates fresh Slapi_Task entries so the
                      tasks can be tracked.
    CI tested & ASAN approved
    Reviewed by: lkrispenz(Thanks!)
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