ce44176 Ticket 48935 - Update dirsrv.systemd file

Authored and Committed by mreynolds 7 years ago
    Ticket 48935 - Update dirsrv.systemd file
    BUg Description:  Two issues here.  First the default system startup timeout
                      is set to 1 minute 30 seconds.  But in the start-dirsrv script
                      it attempts to use a 10 minute timeout.
                      Second, starting in F23 systemd does not work well with valgrind.
                      systemd does not accept the notification once the DS starts.
                      So the start command actually fails after it times out.
    Fix Description:  For the first issue set the system startup timeout to match the
                      start-dirsrv script by setting:
                      Second, allow valgrind's startup success message to be
                      recognized/accepted we set:
    Reviewed by: nhosoi(Thanks!)