bf4cbf1 Ticket 47446 - memory continually grows

Authored and Committed by mreynolds 8 years ago
    Ticket 47446 - memory continually grows
    Bug Description:  Running without any special options
                      continually consumes more memory.
    Fix Description:  The main "leak" was a file descriptor array that
                      was constantly growing with every connection, but
                      the array served no purpose - so it was removed.
                      Some other minor changes were made: output formating
                      improvements, making sure verbose hashes were not
                      being updated if the verbose optoin was not enabled,
                      and not calling the CSV report fiunctions if a report
                      was not being asked for.
    Reviewed by: nhosoi(Thanks!)
    (cherry picked from commit 805386caff210ac07a428b38e99ea7b853bece1f)
    (cherry picked from commit 519c58e8082ef093e676eb7a1aaaec03a739ea69)
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