b431452 Ticket #47463 - IDL-style can become mismatched during partial restoration

Authored and Committed by nhosoi 6 years ago
    Ticket #47463 - IDL-style can become mismatched during partial restoration
    Description by telackey:
    When doing a partial/FRI restoration the database files are copied
    key-by-key. This is necessary to reset the LSNs so the restored
    files can merge into the existing DB environment (cf. dblayer_copy_
    file_resetlsns()) in a recoverable way.
    However, dblayer_copy_file_keybykey() does not set the comparison
    function before calling DB->put(), which means that the restored
    files will not necessarily be using the proper function.
    While all the keys are technically present, indexed searches can
    still fail to return relevant results because the key order is
    significant when intersecting the results with the other indices.
    Note: The bug was reported and the patch was provided by telackey.
    (Thank you, Thomas!)
    Additional fix by nhosoi:
    The entryrdn index uses its special dup compare function.  The dup
    compare function is set when the restoring index file is entryrdn.
    Reviewed by rmeggins (Thank you, Rich!)