96535a6 Ticket #47347 - Simple paged results should support async search

Authored and Committed by nhosoi 6 years ago
    Ticket #47347 - Simple paged results should support async search
    Bug description: Simple paged results serialized the request
    even for a series of asynchronous search requests, and it
    returned error 53 (unwilling to perform) if the second request
    comes in while the first one is being processed.
    Fix description: This patch implements the asynchronous support
    for the Simple paged results search.
    - Removed pagedresults_check_or_set_processing which was
      used to Simple paged results requests exclusive.  Instead,
      pagedresults_lock is introduced to protect the PagedResults
      object from the other threads sharing the same cookie.
    - If any error including hitting the sizelimit or timelimit,
      search result set was released immediately in ldbm_back_
      next_search_entry_ext, which could cause the race condition
      among multiple asynchronous search requests.  To prevent it,
      the search result set is untouched if the operation is a
      Simple paged result search, and let its clean up function
      to handle it.
    - Sizelimit was evaluated in the accumulative way instead of
      on the each page size.  For instance, if the sizelimit was
      101 AND the page size is 100, as soon as getting the 2nd page,
      it hit the sizelimit and the search failed.  This patch fixes
      it so that as long as the requested page size is less than 101,
      the requests successfully continue without getting an error 4
      (LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED).  To fulfill the requirement, the
      current size needs to be managed per operation instead of the
      search result set or PagedResults object. For the purpose,
      introduced o_pagedresults_sizelimit to Slapi_Operation.
    - When shutting down, connection_table_free could use backend
      callback (e.g., be_search_results_release). Therefore, moved
      be_cleanupall after connection_table_free.
    - Each Simple paged results helper functions checks if the
      operation is really a Simple paged result request control is
      associated with to prevent any unexpected behaviour.
    Reviewed by Rich (Thank you!!)
    (cherry picked from commit d53e8221f77ac325123e3bb4f61cf6de67dce646)
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