7f63b58 Ticket #48254 - CLI db2index fails with usage errors

Authored and Committed by nhosoi 6 years ago
    Ticket #48254 - CLI db2index fails with usage errors
    Bug Description:
    1) CLI db2index had an issue in option handling, which accidentally
    added '=' at the end of the previous option.
    2) if a value of an option includes a white space, e.g., -T "by MCC
    ou=People dc=example dc=com", the value was not passed to the program
    as a string.
    Fix Description:
    1) Removed unnecessary '='.
    2) Quote $OPTARG which could include a white space, and call ns-slapd
       command line vai eval.
    Reviewed by rmeggins@redhat.com (Thank you, Rich!!)
    (cherry picked from commit 3507c46c9f1156df11b6cf05eba695d81088b416)
    (cherry picked from commit a6d7e3bd29eb63def170f73dc21e967df230f20a)